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  • Needs assessment for capability, design and art direction
  • Custom content development with copywriting and layout into selected design template
  • Database and donor systems integration including searchable directory, online donation options and dynamic honor roll of donors
  • Content Management Systems
  • Ongoing regular updates to keep your website fresh and meaningful
  • Integration with social media accounts
  • Updatable profiles for members’ contact and bio information including user generated content capability for uploading photos and news
  • Email and search engine marketing
  • Monthly site analytic reports
  • Robust platform with integrated email marketing
  • Secure password protected online community

Monthly eLetters

  • Frequent and consistent marketing to drive readers back to your website
  • One-to-one data driven copy, targeting based on donor history, age range, etc.
  • Custom content development including collection, copyediting and formatting
  • Layout in a customized mobile-responsive email template with your colors and logo featuring photos, events & news
  • Procurement and packaging of user-generated content
  • Bounceback tracking
  • Marketing analytics to measure results, metrics of open rates and click throughs


  • Individual emails customized for your event or special announcement

Direct Mail Fundraising Appeal Letters

  • Copywriting to meet your objectives and incorporate your donor point of view
  • One-to one data driven content and editing
  • Personalized response device to capture donation information and biographical updates
  • One, two or full color design, layout and art directionProject management from initiation through distribution
  • NCOA check, CASS certification, labeling, sorting and mailing
  • Segmentation for up to five donor groups ( donors, lapsed donors, non-donors, geographic, giving level & more)
  • Includes outside envelope and reply envelope

Direct Mail Publications

  • Custom content development
  • Copywriting and/or editing to meet your objectives and incorporate donor point of view
  • Custom publications, 4 to 32 page options
  • One, two or full color design, layout and art direction
  • With or without response devices
  • Print production management
  • NCOA check, CASS certification, labeling, sorting and mailing