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2 Steps to Earning Donor Trust Through Content

Donors don’t automatically flock to your organization immediately ready to donate, just because your cause is something they believe in. You must build trust with your donor so they feel comfortable giving you their money. A solid foundation of trust will help secure that donor for both new and continued support.

One way to gain a potential donor’s trust is through quality written content, such as blog posts, newsletters, magazines, etc. But simply writing content does not make it quality. There are several steps you can take to ensure whatever you write will help donors trust their money is going toward a good organization with a worthy cause.

Donor Personas

It’s important to build a donor persona. A donor persona is a fictitious profile that represents your supporter base, which can include aspects such as the donor’s expectations, attitudes, environment and goals.

Some questions to ask potential donors in a survey in order to build a solid persona are things such as: What does your typical day look like? What is your job role? Which publications or blogs do you read? Which associations or social networks do you participate in?

Having these types of questions answered will help you write content that might win the trust of prospective donors by having copy specifically tailored toward them. On average, it’s said you have five to seven seconds for someone to decide whether or not something is worth their time, so having tailored content will only help keep their attention that much longer.

Clarity and Transparency

Another way to win the trust of future donors through written content is to ensure they know where their money is going, and this is an issue to address quickly.

One way to show where the funding goes in your organization is to use imagery such as a pie chart or a graph, or an attractive and visually appealing infographic. This will help the future donor visualize where their money will be going, making them feel more confident about making that contribution to your nonprofit.

Beyond a visual representation, though, give your donors a real-life scenario their dollars impacted, whether it’s the story of a single mother who can now put food on the table or an underprivileged child who was able to receive a world-class education.

Questions About Content?

Building trust is extremely important when it comes to securing and cultivating new donors, and written content is a good place to start.

Do you have questions about what kind of content will attract your potential donors? Are you looking to build your credibility through consistent, meaningful communication with those donors?

Talk to one of the fundraising experts at Affinity Connection and start building your donor personas and producing transparent, quality content that inspires your donors to give and give generously.