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Donegal Athletic Club used an effective DIY model and marketing communications to meet their fundraising goals. Discover how they made it happen.

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We asked 40,000 fraternity alumni from 21 college campuses what they want most from their alumni experience. Here’s what they said: 

What are you doing to make it happen?

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Like all organizations, the Alpha Zeta Fraternity strives to connect with its 929 active alumni. Affinity Connection helps make it happen.

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Affinity Connection would like to welcome our five newest clients for October.  Thank you for joining the "friend raising" family and trusting us with your marketing needs.  We are proud to serve you.

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When their undergraduate chapter was suspended in 1999, they knew it didn’t mean that the alumni relations program should shut down, too. Read how their efforts have shown fantastic results years later.

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Affinity Connection, Inc. Announces New Employees 

Seven New Hires Support Growing Client Base 

State College, Pa.— October 3, 2016Affinity Connection, Inc. announces new staff additions in support of a growing client base. Since January 2016 seven new employees have joined the firm, which creates and implements fundraising and marketing communication strategies for nonprofit and membership-based organizations nationwide. The new hires expand the firm’s communication, sales and marketing, social media, web, database and production offerings to enhance client fundraising and communications campaigns.

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Affinity Connection would like to welcome our new clients. Thank you for joining the “friend raising” family and trusting us with your marketing needs. We are proud to serve you.

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  • Do you want more alumni support?
  • Of course you do. Everybody does.

  • Are you willing to invest in caring for your alumni?
  • We are. Our alumni relations for Greek clients can be fee for service or in some cases “we will take the risk for the first year” to prove to you the benefit of alumni relations.

  • Why are we willing to risk our money on your alumni relations program?
  • Because we know it will pay for itself.

  • Why are we so confident?
  • Because we know what alumni want and we focus 100% of our energy on serving them.

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Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven "friend-raising" programs that grow donors and donations for nonprofit and membership-based organizations. Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and giving streamline the donor experience, making every interaction personal and meaningful. 

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