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Library’s Impact Builds Case for Strong Annual Fund

While wrapping up a campaign for a new facility, North Pocono Public Library wanted to capitalize on awareness about the project by launching an annual fund. Susan Jeffery, Executive Director, wisely chose to begin this effort by educating her donors, prospective donors, and patrons about the critical role that the library plays in the community:

“The library is a tremendous resource for so much more than books,” Susan said. “We are a meeting place for groups of all varieties, we offer opportunities for children to grow as readers, and we support our neighbors, from young families to teens to seniors, by providing programs and a safe, comfortable space for them to fuel a wide variety of interests.”

“My team at Affinity Connection worked closely with me to understand our goals to launch an annual fund. They developed content for a series of newsletters that highlight the true impact of the library on entire community. These publications have been instrumental in securing strong inaugural support.”

- Susan Jeffery, Executive Director, North Pocono Public Library

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