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Senior Managing Editor

The role of the senior managing editor is to serve key accounts by planning and directing communications strategy, and overseeing and executing direct marketing programs to ensure that they deliver results in the form of donations, new donors, higher gift amounts, reader interaction, event participation, email opens and click-throughs, website activity and social media engagement.



The senior managing editor owns the success of specific key accounts, and acts as a resource for managing editor team. The role serves as the main point of client contact for specific accounts. The role is responsible for uncovering and understanding each client’s communications and fundraising goals, and for delivering content for the primary purpose of helping the organization inspire donor participation. In order to accomplish this, you will need to:

- Understand the history, strategic plan, and ongoing client challenges, concerns, goals and successes.

- Be an articulate energetic presenter of solutions to clients. Get over it, (and do not apply if this is worrisome) this is selling!!

- Become educated about and fluent in communicating about the organization.

- Have outstanding project management and delegating skills, meeting deadlines without exception, and asking for help early if projects are stuck.

- Utilize Affinity Connection technology, which includes: Donor Perfect, Workamajig and other technology suites for managing and storing content, in addition to web and e-communication platforms, like Joomla.

- Demonstrate expertise in writing that shows both discipline and flare

- Utilize internal resources and support areas to accomplish client goals.

- Ability to coordinate with managing editors, and freelance and internal resources for research, writing, editing, database and website support.


Deliverables/assurance that these are completed

- Client relationship management using often tough love principles (for the clients own good (and ours).

- Completed creative brief, per client

- 6-12 month editorial calendar, per client, with themes, articles, profiles, etc.

- Job outlines and layout notes for specific job

- Gather exhaust of member feedback and oversee Website articles (3-5 per month)

- E-Letters (one per month)

- Appeal letters (as scheduled)

- Newsletters (as scheduled)

- Possibly other jobs such as campaign brochures, annual reports, other collateral materials


Success Measures

- Donors/dollars

- Deadlines (job shipping dates)

- Google Analytics and eletter statistics (open rates, click-throughs)

- Client Satisfaction that results in renewals and clients using more of our solutions so they can do DEEPER in connecting to stakeholders

- Team member satisfaction


Getting Started With Clients


You will need to do up-front planning for each client that includes:

- Review of client history with Affinity and donor/dollar performance

- Discovery (via e-mail and telephone) with client to determine editorial themes and direction

- Creation of an annual editorial calendar with awareness of giving years, goals, campaigns and wish lists. (or oversee creation)


Training Overview

- Team Meet & Greet

- Affinity history

- Affinity services

- Giving (Facts, Industry Intelligence)

- Workamajig

- Donor Perfect

- Support Suite

- Joomla

- Client List & Job Jackets w/history and giving year/plan information

- Client review with AE

- Creative Brief Forms

- Editorial Calendar Template

- Newsletter & E-letter Templates

- Writing & Editing Guidelines


Job Type: Full-time


Required education:

- Associate


Required experience:

- Editorial: 2 years



If you're interested in the position please send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..