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Delivering Your Non-Profit’s Narrative for Maximum Impact


You know you have great stories to share with your donors, but there are so many options as to how you deliver. Should you use a newsletter, an eletter, a quarterly magazine, social media?

A mixture of several different mediums is often what’s needed to reach all your potential donors effectively. Just like different individuals like to receive their daily news in different ways, similarly some will respond best to your messaging in different formats. It’s best to cover all your bases.

However, there’s one important thing to keep in mind regardless of what form your story takes.

When telling any nonprofit narrative, your donors are likely not going to sit down and read a newsletter, magazine or even eletter cover to cover, end to end. Though Americans increasingly continue to read magazines, for example, most spend less than 20 minutes on them on an average day, which isn’t a lot of time to get your point across. Likewise, the majority spend under an hour browsing through all of their received eletters throughout the week.

So how do you ensure your great story gets across? If donors genuinely want to receive your correspondence, but they’re spending little time on the actual content, how do you make sure you retain a powerful impact?

It’s all in the skim-able content – headlines, photos, photo captions, text boxes filled with stats and facts. All of these together should be able to give your reader a good idea of the story, so they can choose to read further, and spend their 20 minutes with you, or go on to the next thing.

If even one article out of an entire eletter, newsletter or magazine tugs on a heartstring and inspires a donation, you’ve done your job. One photo, one headline, touching the right person, is all it takes. While, yes, your donors want that beautiful, meticulously-created newsletter showing up in their mailboxes, it’s not the quantity of the stories that they read that inspires them to give, but rather the quality of those stories.

Want to learn more? Ask for a sample of an attention-grabbing newsletter and get inspired! Current Affinity Connection clients can reach out to their managing editor, or, contact Andy Scheldrup, at 763-557-9008, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..