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Two Charitable Giving Trends for the Rest of the Year

According to Giving USA 2017, charities received a record $390.05 billion in 2016,  a 2.7% increase from the total giving in 2015. Though this number is impressive, nonprofits and charities continue to raise the bar when it comes to donor acquisition and gifts. Through advancements in technology and resource development, we're able to find new ways to expand philanthropic initiatives, and despite uncertain political times and an economy under transition, the future of philanthropy looks bright in the United States.

In order to prepare your organization for another record-breaking year in giving, check out these two charitable giving trends to look out for through the rest of this year and into the next.

1. Online Donations Are Increasing 

Donors are getting more comfortable with making donations online and the trend is only expected to increase. One source found that in June 2017, the number of online donors increased by 20% from the same month last year. The 2017 M+R Benchmarks Report shows that nonprofits also increased overall online revenue by 14%, with the monthly giving rate going up by 23% from 2015.

Additionally, statistics are showing more and more that social media works with improving your audience and increasing potential donors. When analyzing the social media accounts of nonprofits, Instagram audiences grew at a rate of 101% in just one year.

What This Means For Your Organization

How is your nonprofit performing online, and are you taking advantage of these online giving trends? Build your online presence and make your message heard! Affinity Connection will help you develop your online identity and make giving easier for your donors, with mobile-optimization for your website and emails!

2. Increases in Giving by Individuals and Households

The most recent edition of the Philanthropy Outlook found that total giving in 2017 and 2018 will be driven by individuals and households. This source of giving will account for 70.7% of total giving in 2017, and then slightly decrease to 70.3% in 2018. The positive overall growth of giving by individuals/households can be attributed to trends showcasing increases in personal income. Typically, as wealth increases so do the charitable donations made by a household.

What This Means For Your Organization

Focus on fundraising campaigns that are proven to increase household giving. Pay special attention to donor retention, and don't be afraid to ask your donors to increase their giving this year! Need help on putting together a successful campaign, and when it comes to asking your donors for more money this year? Let Affinity Connection do the hard work for you; our experts help you connect with your audience in a poignant new way, so you can bring in more than ever before. Find out how!