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Here are the Fraternity Facts

The landscape of Greek life is changing, and many alumni struggle with how to address their relationship to an institution that seems so different from the one they used to know.

Affinity Connection’s recent survey on fraternity alumni relationships found responses that used words like “travesty,” “disappointed,” “disgusted” and “failing” when discussing current fraternity reputations. Many admitted that the future seemed uncertain for Greek life, and some even said that these days, they felt embarrassed admitting to their colleagues they were associated with a fraternity.

It can be difficult to see a way forward, a way to grow financially in the coming years and keep alumni engaged in the important work you do. The answer, however, is not to shrink away from a shaky alumni network, but rather to stay connected at all costs.

When it comes down to it, your alums care about their experiences, their brothers, their school and reliving the best days of their lives through fun with a purpose. This trumps their feelings on today’s issues and brothers every single time.

Thanks to this fact, keeping your alumni group thriving is possible. Just take a look at these survey results!

The future of Greek life requires active alumni and consistent engagement. Don’t let fear keep your group from growing even in the most recent turbulent times. Keep connecting with your brothers through multiple touches – eletters, newsletters, appeal letters and more.

Affinity Connection can help you get it all done, with focused communications plans that show results. While others shrink away from today’s Greek scene, you can stand tall as you define the future of Greek life, for both your own group and others. Get started with an in-depth planning session with one of our alumni fundraising experts.