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Print Magazines Making Connections

Print for both alumni groups and non-profits is more vital than ever, producing more than 90 percent of the donations received. However, while you may send out appeal letters and postcards to your donors and potential donors, if you’re not doing a print magazine for your group already, you’re missing out.

According to one survey by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, of more than 136,000 alumni magazine readers surveyed, nearly half said they acquire information about their affinity group from their alumni magazine, and one-third said they make a donation based off what they read. Across all ages, two-thirds of readers said they prefer receiving a print alumni magazine.

This is the case for many reasons. A tangible publication leaves a larger impression on your recipient, both for its physical presence and the lack of distractions. A blog post or social media interactions just don’t hold a reader’s attention the way a magazine does, which demands to be touched, held and flipped through.

A high-quality print magazine also shows that your non-profit is very serious about what it does. You have professionalism and the support to pull off a smart, engaging publication. If the stories and design are eye-catching, then you’ll also boost your shelf life and increase the chances that your magazine will stick around on coffee tables, in public spaces, etc., in a way that an appeal letter certainly wouldn’t.

Other benefits that come along with producing a print magazine include a longer format to show, rather than tell your donors, what you’re accomplishing thanks to their gifts, as well as your continual needs. You also have space to more frequently print your donor lists and honor rolls, providing timely gratification to donors.

Publishing a magazine for your affinity group is a great and effective way to support your goals. Let’s discuss how Affinity Connection can drive your magazine from cover to cover. Send us a quick message to get in touch with one of our editors!