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The Digital Age of Donations

Donations across a range of $5 to $5,000 are processed through Amazon Pay, using the card Amazon users already have on file. Alexa confirms through a few different questions to ensure a user wants to make a donation and owners can add a security feature to their device to prevent any accidental donations.
American Red Cross, Wounded Warrior Project, PETA and Action Against Hunger are just a few of the 50 non-profit organizations already participating in the program, and the list is expected to grow in the future.

The benefits to non-profits include access to new audiences (by tapping into the tens of millions of users in the Alexa database); ease of donations; and simple integration into your current system.

Amazon does charge a donation processing fee, including a 2.2 percent domestic processing fee, $0.30 authorization fee, 3.2 percent international processing fee and $20 disputed chargeback fee. Funds are typically released by the 16th day following a donation.

Alexa’s new donation feature is just one of the ways fundraising is changing with new technology and the advent of AI. Need help bringing your non-profit into the 21st century? Talk to a fundraising and non-profit communications expert today to start pulling together a comprehensive plan for your organization’s evolution.