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Supporting Your Local Fire Department: Why It’s Important and How We Can Help

In most towns, firefighters are the first ones to the scene. Responding to a variety of fire and rescue calls, these men and women serve and save community members every day. But without donations from residents, local nonprofit fire departments wouldn’t exist.

The relationship between fire departments and their respective communities is a critical alliance. Both parties need each other’s support. Imagine a part of your community engulfed in flames, but your fire department is underfunded and understaffed. What would you do?

To ensure that firefighters can do their jobs, they need monetary aid from local residents like you.

Most departments are volunteer-based

Chances are, your local fire department is mostly made up of volunteers. Whether these volunteers are on the front lines or responsible for handling day-to-day operations, there is still a cost associated with this model.

Volunteer firefighters must be properly trained and certified. They also must wear appropriate gear when on the scene, which isn’t cheap. According to the Spring Mill Fire Company, a firefighter’s full gear can cost up to $16,503. To ensure these men and women are fully prepared to serve their communities, this is a cost that cannot be avoided.

Most departments are self-funded

While both the federal and state governments provide grants to many nonprofit fire departments, most of these stations are still heavily self-funded. The best source of these funds is the local community. That’s the reason for the pancake breakfasts and the various fundraisers hosted by your local departments each year.

Are you a struggling volunteer fire department?

At Affinity Connection, we know how challenging it may seem to garner donations from the community and we understand how important overcoming this challenge is. We are committed to helping nonprofit fire departments thrive. In fact, we recently supported the Spring Mills Fire Company in Pennsylvania in accomplishing their biggest giving year yet. With our expertise, the fire department raised over $20,000. For the small community that they serve, this was a phenomenal result and we only plan to increase this number each year.

Are you hoping to see a similar response from your community? Give us a call and watch your fundraising campaign ignite with success.