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Three Challenges Nonprofits Face and How to Overcome Them

Do you struggle with a static database, a shrinking budget or giving purpose to your organization? If so, you’re not alone. Those are three common challenges that nonprofits constantly face. But, with the right tools, these hurdles will quickly become issues of the past.

Overcoming Bad Data

Creating and maintaining your database is crucial to your nonprofit’s success. Whether you already have a database or are looking to create one, start by establishing criteria and compiling a credible list.

From there, make the database a priority. Dedicate resources, use best practices, policies and processes. Once your database is established, continue to update and improve the list as needed.

When you have a strong, accurate database, it’s easier for you to connect with your audience. Your list will allow you to write “Dear Greg” instead of “Dear Friend” and acknowledge your relationship with your recipient.

Dealing with a Shrinking Budget

You may see your fundraising budget continually lower while your results are expected to continually rise. Often, you’re asked to do more with less. How do you handle this?

Focus on investing in donor relationships, not just spending in an attempt to grab new donors. Every dollar of your budget should be carefully calculated so you can invest in the success of your organization. Instead of holding a short-term view, think about how your fundraising decisions will affect your organization in the long run. These goals will help you justify your decisions and allow your nonprofit to grow despite a dwindling budget.

Giving Purpose to Your Nonprofit

Many nonprofits struggle when it comes to defining their “why” in their content. In order to build your community, you need to touch the hearts and minds of your audience. Simply explaining the “what and how” of your mission is not inspiring.

When developing content and communicating with your audience, consider the donor’s point of view. What drives them to donate? What do they want to hear?

Building connections brings people together. Establish a dialogue with your stakeholders, ask deep and open-ended questions and collect testimonials. Your content and conversations should share common themes, key messages and a compelling case for support.

While these barriers may seem big, with our help, they’re nothing you can’t handle. At Affinity Connection, we provide valuable resources and expertise in direct marketing, content development, online giving, social media and media relations.

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