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Analysis of an Appeal Letter

You know you should be sending out appeal letters to your alumni on a regular basis – but are you actually distributing effective, engaging letters that inspire your alumni to respond? Take a look at this client’s appeal letter, which brought in a hefty $9k in one go, and let’s see what made it work.

1. Personalization

Right from the salutation, you’re giving your potential donor their due recognition. However, personalize your appeal letters incorrectly by misspelling a name or including the wrong name, and you’ve ruined your credibility for good. This is where great data comes into play in ensuring you get a full ROI on your appeal letters.

2. Healthy Competition

You’ll notice that our copywriters mentioned this particular fraternity’s status as “one of the top two on campus” right from the start. By instilling some healthy, friendly competition, we’re inspiring these brothers to keep their fraternity right on top for good, by funding the current undergrads with their dollars. 

3. An Update

Your donors like to be informed. If they’re going to make a donation, they want to know where their money goes and how it’s spent. Before making another ask, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you’ve kept your donor informed and up to date on the ways their money is making a positive impact thus far.

4. A Goal for the Future

It’s not just enough to show where you’ve spent your prior donors’ money. You’ll also want to give clear reasons why you need more donations. Be as specific as possible and make it so that, when a donor commits to a gift, they can name precisely how their dollars make a difference. 

5. Design with Donations in Mind

While you may think design doesn’t matter, our team of expert designers would beg to differ! The fact is, many donors won’t read your entire appeal letter. Their eyes will skim the main points and that’s all you have to make your case. That’s why, in this letter, we’ve brought the main points right front and center, with inspiring and challenging pull quotes, underlined goals and easy directions. 

How does your latest appeal letter compare? Take advantage of a free appeal analysis by one of our marketing and copywriting experts, to see where you can stand to improve and the missed opportunities to add to your fundraising totals. 

If you don’t even have an appeal campaign and are looking to start, let’s talk! We’re ready to help you grow your alumni group by leaps and bounds, with hard-hitting campaigns that create deeper alumni bonds and better fundraising results. 

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