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Why Are Other Fraternities’ Alumni More Engaged than Mine?

Take a look around campus at the other fraternities and sororities. Are they raising more money than your fraternity or sorority? Are their alumni more engaged, showing up for the college’s events, partaking in longstanding fraternity traditions and giving to the annual fund each year?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to reevaluate your efforts and explore what you can do better. And, really, the answer is simple.

Invest in your greatest asset — your scattered alumni — and build a culture of giving through frequent, consistent and meaningful communications.

Time and time again, we’ve found that alumni give back when they feel a real connection to your group and see purpose in their donation. They will support you, as long as you take care of them, you invest in them and you give them what they want. If the only time they hear from you is when you’re asking them to open their wallets, chances are you’ll get a small return.

So, how do you implement this meaningful alumni relations program? Here are the keys:

1) Find out what matters to your alumni

It sounds simple, but people often overlook this important discovery phase before you launch an alumni communications program. At Affinity Connection, we talk to your members to find out how the fraternity or sorority made a difference in their lives, why they donate, and what they want out of their alumni membership. The key is to listen and then implement. If they want an annual golf outing or an annual banquet, find out how you can make it happen. When you invest in your alumni and the things that matter to them, you can create a culture of engagement and giving.

2) Send frequent, meaningful communications

Communicating often and keeping your alumni in the loop is critical. The key is to tell powerful stories. When you deliver meaningful content and motivating calls to action, you drive emotional connections, engagement and donations.

3) Share impact stories

When you put donations to good use — whether you’ve renovated part of the chapter house or provided current members with scholarships — it’s important to let donors know how their gift make an impact and to include a call to action to continue their support.

4) Offer opportunities for reconnecting

Sending frequent communications is certainly a step in the right direction, but we’d challenge you to take it one step further and host an event. We interviewed more than 40,000 alumni, representing 21 college campuses across the country, and the thing they said they wanted most from their alumni experience was opportunities to reconnect with alumni from their era. From happy hours to golf outings to annual banquets, you can keep your alumni engaged by offering opportunities for fun with a purpose.


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