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Is Your Fraternity on the Right Path?

Find Out with Our General Health Checklist

In an era when Greek Life is facing increased scrutiny for bad behavior and poor decisions, it’s more important than ever to make the health of your organization top priority — and that starts with you. At the core of any fraternity’s health is strong alumni leadership and oversight. If your alumni and board have been asleep at the wheel, now is the time to get proactive and make sure your fraternity is on a path for success. Without this, who’s to say your fraternity won’t be the next on the front page of the news?

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at this checklist for your fraternity’s overall health. The goal is to be able to check off everything on this list. Want your fraternity to stay out of the news (except for positive recognition, of course)? See what you’re missing from the checklist below and start filling in the gaps.

· Do you have an organized alumni board providing oversight for the active chapter?

· Do you have written rules and regulations in place regarding hazing and use of alcohol and illicit drugs?

· Have you addressed the dangers and consequences of hazing with your active members?

· Are all chapter members receiving appropriate training on hazing, sexual assault/consent and alcohol/drug abuse?

· Are you encouraging/promoting alternatives to the current trends/practices that have landed over fraternities in trouble?

· Have you kept your alumni informed about the current state of the chapter and how they can get involved?

· Are you coaching your active members on how to find quality recruits?

· Do you hold an annual planning meeting with undergraduates?

· Do you host at least one general alumni event per year?

· Do you recognize and thank all volunteers for their efforts?

· Do you acknowledge all donors with a personalized letter?

These questions can help you determine if your fraternity or sorority is providing appropriate guidance for undergrads and involving your alumni enough. For more information on how to get your chapter on the right path, email us or call your Affinity Connection managing editor at (814) 237-0481.