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Your Blueprint to a Million-Dollar Capital Campaign

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” - Confucius

Ambition is never the reason for failure. Instead, it’s the lack of an action-oriented plan. The Greek house you once lived in was a goal long before it was a reality, but it didn’t become a reality until the contractor created and followed the blueprints. Those blueprints were the guide to taking an empty lot and turning it into a fully furnished home. A blueprint is an action-oriented plan that tells the contractor exactly what to do in order to achieve the desired goal. We at Affinity Connection are the contractor with the blueprints to turn your goal of a million-dollar capital campaign into a reality.

Together with our blueprints and your vision, we can build a million-dollar capital campaign. Here’s the beauty of this partnership: we do 90% of the work because we know you’ve already got a lot on your plate. 

Our in-house team specializes in creating meaningful “friend-raising” campaigns that set up the real fundraising capital campaign.   

Our data specialists review and analyze your members and their giving history to get a grasp on what works and what doesn’t work for you. Based on their analysis we create a plan specific to you that will grow your donors and dollars, utilizing localized content.

The chart above depicts the growth of a client who we guided through our blueprint, turning their million-dollar capital campaign goal into a reality. We were able to achieve those results through our data + storytelling formula, which took this client from $5,865 to $1,133,997 in under ten years. We can take our formula of data + storytelling and apply it to your vision to create the million-dollar capital campaign you deserve.

What could your organization do with $1,133,997 dollars? Could you fix up the house? Perhaps pay off the mortgage? Maybe even renovate the whole house?

Think of it this way: the house is a property you’re investing in. As with any savvy businessperson, you want to make a return on your investment. The best way to earn big returns is rental income. And who do those monthly rent checks come from? That’s right. Undergraduate members.

So what would happen if, suddenly, the house became more attractive to undergrads? What would happen if, in addition to its prime location, your house had all of the modern amenities students have come to expect in their living spaces? How much more could you charge for rent? How big of a return do you have the potential to earn?

Our individualized content and data provide you with a pathway to a million-dollar capital campaign. We have done this over and over again since 1972.

Contact your account executive today to have us create your blueprint to a million-dollar capital campaign. You can also download this E-book, which lays out in granular detail how our clients were able to pay off their mortgages and create state-of-the-art living facilities that are attractive options for today’s students.