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Finding Success for Your Capital Campaign

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) at the University of North Carolina (UNC) launched their Four Corners Campaign, which successfully brought in more than $1 million in pledges in just six months. 

Build a Road Map

Every successful fundraising campaign requires a road map. It should show donors the way forward and what’s required of them to reach the communal finish line. DKE UNC used a campaign brochure to detail everything the alumni needed to know about their venture. It gave the reason for their ask and the ultimate goals for the campaign — to honor past successes and ensure the Chapter can continue to thrive for centuries to come — and it detailed what was needed to achieve those goals.

Specifically, DKE UNC developed four practical goals (or, their “Four Corners”) to guide their campaign. They utilized a team of trusted leadership — a Campaign Committee and Board of Trustees — to identify those four primary goals. They included:

• Increased funding for their Caldwell Fund, which is a renovation, major repair and replacement fund.

• The creation of a fund to support their Academic Excellence Program• The creation of a fund to provide much-needed benefits to Meg Miller, Beta DKE’s long-time house mother/manager.

• Funds to carry out a necessary renovation to the DKE House dining room and kitchen.

They outlined the need, $1,280,000. In just one page of the four-page brochure, they provided a comprehensive overview of need-to-know details for readers (a design choice which increases the likelihood recipients will read the most vital information). The brochure further detailed the needs behind each goal and how they fit into the collective mission of DKE UNC.

Use Creative Visuals and Build Momentum

The brochure employed another effective design choice when it came to visuals. A pyramid style graphic was included to reflect incremental donor needs, breaking the goal down into smaller, achievable amounts from $1,000 to $200,000.

In addition, the brochure emphasized the great start they had thanks to a seed gift of $30,000 and a $200,000 challenge/matching grant. This gave members an understanding of the momentum and backing the campaign already had, and a tangible way for them to contribute and know exactly how their donation would help.

Capital giving campaigns are always a huge undertaking for organizations, but providing capital giving campaign information, as DKE UNC did, to potential donors in a proven format that…

• Organizes information in an easy-to-digest manner,

• Gives potential donors a clear path to success,

• And shows potential donors exactly where their gift will go…

…can make campaign success that much easier to achieve.

How About You?

Will your alumni group be able to raise $1 million in pledges, like DKE UNC? You’ll want to start with campaign materials that engage, inspire and move your donors to action. Affinity Connection can help. Learn about our fundraising services. You can reach us at 800-598-4050 ext 131 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..