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How Targeted Appeals for Support are Impacting a PA Public Library

All nonprofits need to become well-versed in the art of an appeal. Regular appeals make their way to donors throughout the year with special emphasis on times of increased giving, such as the holiday season. Wayne Library Alliance (WLA) has been working with Affinity Connection to create targeted appeals that have relevant updates, information and testimonials accompanied by a direct ask for support.

“Our Wayne County Libraries Greatest Hits appeal was particularly successful,” WLA System Administrator Tracy Schwarz says. “While the state did allocate more funding to libraries in 2019, we are still left with a significant gap just to catch up to the 30% funding cuts from 2009. We turn to members and patrons to help up us keep important programming moving forward.”

The appeal letter provided details on where funding goes now and what libraries can do with more funding. Donors were given a summary of what each of the seven libraries in WLA offer in addition to a thoughtful letter from Schwarz. The letter carried the Greatest Hits music theme all the way through to keep readers engaged in their role in creating change and contributing to a “community-wide symphony.”

Schwarz walked donors through key points of interest:

· Evolving challenges for public libraries: keeping technology and programs relevant to patrons and the community

· Specific goals of WLA: keeping up with costs to meet growing interests and demands from patrons of all ages

· How donors can make an impact: By making a gift to one or more of the libraries in the Wayne Library Alliance

A perforated response form and reply envelope were enclosed to make giving easy. The mailing arrived in a uniquely sized envelope featuring a full window, which revealed a photo collage of library patrons and bold statement of thanks to donors for support the libraries’ mission.

View a recently created appeal here.

By providing an attractive appeal full of information for donors, and expanding the audience receiving the appeal, they raised over 15% more than the previous year’s appeal.

If you want to find out how Affinity Connection can empower you to exceed your expectations, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 800-598-4050 ext 131. Appeals are an art, and Affinity Connection can help make you an artist.