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Consistent Communications Offer More than Just Information

As technology continues to advance, nonprofits may struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest social media trends or to adopt new methods for reaching donors. While it’s important to stay as current as possible and to meet donors where they are, maintaining traditional communications is incredibly important to maintaining strong donor relationships.

According to a Colorado Nonprofit Association study, donors give when:

• They believe an organization is trustworthy.

• They believe an organization is well-managed.

• They believe an organization is effective.

• They believe the organization truly supports a cause they as the donor believes in.

Communications like newsletters, emails and social media are perfect opportunities to provide evidence that your organization meets these criteria. Combine compelling personal stories with key facts and figures to engage your donors emotionally, then give them rational support for your case. Providing these ongoing and frequent communications helps donors stay up to date on your impact, your goals and your challenges so they can be there when you need them most.

Need a little help getting there? Affinity Connection can assist. Our proven, data-driven, storytelling-based methods of fundraising help you ask the right people for donations, the right way.

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