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Smart, Strategic Communications in Times of Crisis 

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing nonprofits like never before. From major increases in demand for services to revenue shortfalls from postponed benefit events, nonprofits of all varieties need to think strategically now more than ever. Take the cue from these organizations who are making sure to keep communications with donors direct, transparent, detailed and gracious.

All nonprofits need to become well-versed in the art of an appeal. Regular appeals make their way to donors throughout the year with special emphasis on times of increased giving, such as the holiday season. Wayne Library Alliance (WLA) has been working with Affinity Connection to create targeted appeals that have relevant updates, information and testimonials accompanied by a direct ask for support.

Consistent Communications Offer More than Just Information

As technology continues to advance, nonprofits may struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest social media trends or to adopt new methods for reaching donors. While it’s important to stay as current as possible and to meet donors where they are, maintaining a traditional communications is incredibly important to maintaining strong donor relationships.