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How to Attract and Maintain Donors in a Worldwide Pandemic

Asking for donations in a season of crisis is a difficult task. When so many are hurting financially as a result of furloughs, layoffs or cut-backs, you don’t want to impose further need. And yet, it’s also the season where more people than ever turn to nonprofit organizations for their assistance and support. Demand for assistance is going up, and the reality is, people with job security and incomes want to help. Fidelity Charitable conducted a study, which found that 54 percent plan to maintain giving levels and 25 percent of donors plan to increase their donations. So, how can you make sure that donors keep giving to your organization and that new donors find you?

Catholic Charities of Altoona-Johnstown is a great example to mirror. The organization is seeing their donors rise to the occasion thanks to clear, strategic communications via eletters and printed newsletters. Here are some of things you can implement now to help you communicate with those in your organizational reach.

1. Explain exactly how the pandemic is affecting your office, staff and constituents. While the Catholic Charities of Altoona-Johnstown had to shut down its offices, leadership made sure to communicate that they are still fielding calls and providing support to their neighbors in need. They also made it clear that the needs of those in the area are on the rise because of current conditions.

2. Collaborate with other nonprofit organizations and publicize and encourage participation in any special giving opportunities. In response to this pandemic, there have been new ways to give through online events all across the globe. There have been many groups coming together to raise funds in a joint effort to show unity and camaraderie. Whether you’re organizing your own online giving campaign to replace an event or participating in a larger collaboration with other nonprofits, make sure you shout the details loud and clear on social media, your website, eletters and newsletters. Donors shouldn’t have to look hard to give! Once the event is over, make sure to publish your results and celebrate the donors.

3. Remind donors of the mission. Now more than ever, we need to remind one another of just how much we need each other. Donors give to your organization because your mission resonates with them. Remind them what they’re giving for and the difference their donation makes!

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