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How to Craft a Meaningful Appeal

A recent Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity appeal utilized a few specific strategies that enabled them to raise record donations. Sound like the kind of results you’d like to see with your annual appeals? Find out how you can help maximize the results of your next appeal to increase donors and dollars. Here are three tips for crafting meaningful, effective appeals.

1. Tell donors what they have helped accomplish with their giving.

The Memorial Library appeal celebrates the incredible opportunities they have taken advantage of thanks to their donors. They detail three major accomplishments: growing a place for teens, serving and honoring local veterans and celebrating community diversity. With just a few short paragraphs, they bring you into some of the wonderful things they’ve accomplished thanks to their members and community of donors.

2. Tell donors where you want to go next.

“With your donation this year, the library will invest in growing its electronic resources, which patrons can access from anywhere.” The Memorial Library is clear that it has a path forward with a specific goal in mind, and donors can help them reach that goal. It’s clear, specific and shows they have a plan for future donations.

3. Make it visually appealing!

Never underestimate the look of a clean presentation. By skillfully crafting a visually appealing design to grab a reader’s attention, you are more likely to have them interested when they open the appeal. Take time to make it look professional and present your organization with your best foot forward.

Other helpful tips:

· If you’ve never included a “By the Numbers” graphic, now is the time to try. Give your donors data on how many people you’ve reached this year, how many new programs you offer or how your membership has grown. The Memorial Library appeal included a graphic detailing total patrons, programs offered, average visits per month and new patrons in 2019. (Pictured left)

· Include a personal ask from a person of influence. Letters should come from the highest, or one of the highest, ranking individuals in the organization. The Memorial Library appeal is signed by Executive Director Holly Bennett with a final statement: “I hope you’ll make a gift this year.”


The Memorial Library appeal can be used as a model for your next ask for donations — and by partnering with Affinity Connection, you, too, can maximize the efficacy of your next appeal. Contact Affinity Connection at (814) 238-0481 ext 131 for more details on making your appeal shine.