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  • Do you want more alumni support?
  • Of course you do. Everybody does.

  • Are you willing to invest in caring for your alumni?
  • We are. Our alumni relations for Greek clients can be fee for service or in some cases “we will take the risk for the first year” to prove to you the benefit of alumni relations.

  • Why are we willing to risk our money on your alumni relations program?
  • Because we know it will pay for itself.

  • Why are we so confident?
  • Because we know what alumni want and we focus 100% of our energy on serving them.

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How some Catholic schools are mobilizing donors through dialogue

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Affinity Connection welcomes the following new members to our team:

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Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven fundraising, branding and marketing programs that grow donors for nonprofit and membership-based organizations and inbound leads and revenue for for-profit organizations and businesses.  Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and financial transactions streamline the donor and customer experiences, making every interaction personal and meaningful.

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