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A mutually beneficial, lasting connection with your audience depends on keeping your mission top of mind. The best way to expand your nonprofit's sphere of influence is to cast the net wide across a host of mediums — social media, stewardship content, email and more — to reach the largest possible audience.

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The top takeaways for what you can expect starting in January.

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Who knew the answers to your biggest challenges were so easy?

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Fundraising trends come and go, but a well-maintained relationship between a donor and a non-profit lasts forever.

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On a recent conference call with a prospective client, a board member asked a question about our proposal. “Can we send emails quarterly instead of monthly?”

I should have a recorded version of my response considering how many times I’ve had to answer this question.

Instead I responded with my own question. “Why would you want to do that?” Of course, I already knew the answer and right on cue, a few more board members and the executive director chimed in with objections:

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So, you had a great 2017 giving year? You’re set up for 2018? Your non-profit is doing better than ever? There’s still no excuse to skip the holiday giving season, and here’s why.

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One-third of all donations are made in December. Will your non-profit be on the receiving end?

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Let your community members know you’ve been thinking of them this holiday season! Enjoy high-quality holiday cards with a unique message and design created just for your group. It’s the perfect way to ensure your non-profit is top of mind for year-end giving. Plus, save 30% when you place your order before Dec. 8!

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Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven fundraising, branding and marketing programs that grow donors for nonprofit and membership-based organizations and inbound leads and revenue for for-profit organizations and businesses.  Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and financial transactions streamline the donor and customer experiences, making every interaction personal and meaningful.

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