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Are your alumni group communications catching reader interest in a way that inspires record giving? See how this group began spreading its good news, and began seeing the dollars trickle in as a result.

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You may have loyal donors whose gifts you can rely on now, but what happens after they’re gone?

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Are you not receiving contributions because you’re not asking? Find out why your non-profit needs to send regular appeals to current and potential donors.

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You may think that more donations for your alumni group is a difficult goal to attain, and it’s one that keeps alluding you. But are you even reaching all your potential donors?

Too often, groups rely on one mode of communication to get their story across, when your donors are a highly varied group of people who prefer to receive information in different ways. Changing up the ways you reach out can increase your donations! Just check out these stats!

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Your alumni donors are your fraternity’s greatest asset. You invest in keeping them connected across time and distance; they support your efforts to assure that the benefits of brotherhood last a lifetime and that future generations of young men have the same valuable experience.

But what happens after that donor base is gone? Are you relying on younger generations to take their place? This isn’t your only option.

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The Greek community is a generous one. According to a Cygnus Applied Research study, Greeks support an average of 5 not-for-profit organizations annually, so if your organization isn’t on their giving list, it should be! 

An appeal letter is a chance for you to make your case to your potential donors, convincing them they should give you their hard-earned dollars. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds and you can do more harm than good if your appeal comes off the wrong way.

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Whether it’s a black tie gala, a fun run or an annual golf tournament, special events don’t have to be miserable. Yes, there’s planning, but the fellowship and fun can steward your donors to new levels.

Are your special events making an impact, or just creating more work for you and your staff? Connect with us to find out how to make events profitable and worthwhile… and fun for you and your donors.

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Save lives or change lives. That’s what non-profit organizations do. So why do some seem to flourish more easily than others? Some organizations have broad appeal—they impact issues like widespread diseases that affect many individuals and families, or they work on behalf of those who can’t help themselves, like pets or wildlife—who can resist a cuddly dog or a majestic blue whale?

For other organizations, donor perception may be getting in the way of their full fundraising potential. Donors may underestimate the real impact of their gifts. Sound like a problem your nonprofit is facing?

More specific causes or other sources of funding

Why would a potential donor think a nonprofit simply doesn’t need his or her money? Consider, for example, a public school foundation, a public library or a volunteer fire company. These entities receive funding from taxes and other sources. After all, if the donor is paying taxes that are intended to benefit these public services, isn’t that non-negotiable tax a gift? Some donors believe so, not because they lack generosity, but because they lack information.

As these types of organizations know (all too well) tax dollars or other non-charitable forms of income don’t cover everything. It’s critical then to educate donors through clear, consistent and relevant communication about gaps in funding and specifically how donor gifts can make an impact.

Illustrating your cause through storytelling

When Donegal School District began planning for a new state-of-the-art athletic complex, a group of volunteers came together to form the Donegal Athletic Club (DAC), a private, independent non-profit organization, that could raise funds to support the project. DAC set a goal to raise $1 million to help offset the cost of the project, allowing more district funds to support other activities and programs.

Naturally, volunteers for DAC came up against some resistance during the early part of the campaign. “But what about my tax dollars?” people asked. DAC volunteers used those objections to create a communications plan: in addition to a comprehensive FAQ, the organization pushed out a monthly email marketing campaign highlighting donors and demonstrating the impact of the project on students and the community as a whole. In 12 months, the campaign closed with $1 million in pledges.

Tell me why

Are you educating your potential donors on why your mission matters? Do donors have all the information they need to consider supporting your cause? 

If you suspect inadequate storytelling might be keeping you non-profit from reaching its potential, we’ll take assess your recent communications a no cost and give you some tips and suggestions for making more of your marketing plan.

Get in touch and discover how to connect with your audience.

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