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So, you have an amazing story to share with your donors and potential donors. You have a beautifully designed newsletter or eletters. What else could you possibly need to skyrocket to fundraising success?

One little aspect of your alumni group’s efforts can go unnoticed, but it can make a huge impact.

The data you have on your donors can be the game-changing difference between your group’s failures and successes, losses and record-breaking profits. Have the wrong data, and your stories end up returned to you by the dozens, in the trash, lost in the world of snail mail or sitting forever unclicked in the bottom of a spam folder.

Your donors are moving, changing email addresses and switching up how they live and do business every day. Don’t waste time and money sending them information they’ll never see. Instead, make sure your data is correct the first time and all the time, by placing a priority on this part of your alumni outreach.

Feel like your database is already too far gone to save? An easy way to begin cleaning up your database and start reaching more donors (and, in return, seeing more dollars) is by simply asking. An affordable postcard mailing or short eletter asking for donors to update either their email or address can make a world of difference, and many have no problem doing so.

Ready to get started? This easy project is well worth the reward, as you start engaging not just a small pocket of your alumni, but all of them, reaping a greater return on your investment and building a stronger, better alumni community. Affinity Connection knows data and how important it is to your alumni group. Let us combine our skills with your current efforts to clean up your current database and start rolling in the new contacts. We’ll do all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

Are you completely missing donors by not doing this one easy thing?

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Are your alumni group communications catching reader interest in a way that inspires record giving? See how this group began spreading its good news, and began seeing the dollars trickle in as a result.

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You may have loyal donors whose gifts you can rely on now, but what happens after they’re gone?

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Are you not receiving contributions because you’re not asking? Find out why your non-profit needs to send regular appeals to current and potential donors.

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You may think that more donations for your alumni group is a difficult goal to attain, and it’s one that keeps alluding you. But are you even reaching all your potential donors?

Too often, groups rely on one mode of communication to get their story across, when your donors are a highly varied group of people who prefer to receive information in different ways. Changing up the ways you reach out can increase your donations! Just check out these stats!

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Your alumni donors are your fraternity’s greatest asset. You invest in keeping them connected across time and distance; they support your efforts to assure that the benefits of brotherhood last a lifetime and that future generations of young men have the same valuable experience.

But what happens after that donor base is gone? Are you relying on younger generations to take their place? This isn’t your only option.

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The Greek community is a generous one. According to a Cygnus Applied Research study, Greeks support an average of 5 not-for-profit organizations annually, so if your organization isn’t on their giving list, it should be! 

An appeal letter is a chance for you to make your case to your potential donors, convincing them they should give you their hard-earned dollars. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds and you can do more harm than good if your appeal comes off the wrong way.

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