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Triples Annual Fund, Raises $3.4 Million

Led by heroic alumni volunteer, Gary Jones, the Sigma Nu alumni group faced multi-million dollar renovations at its undergraduate fraternity house at Georgia Tech. Affinity Connection helped Gary clean his database and do frequent, consistent and meaningful communications. We shared member stories demonstrating life-enhancing values learned at Sigma Nu, which encouraged personal accountability alongside teamwork.

Donor participation increased 50%. Sigma Nu Georgia Tech’s annual fund tripled. Importantly, Gary laid the groundwork for a successful $3.4 Million campaign, “Building The Future Today”. Sigma Nu was able to build a house and future generations of outstanding young men.

Sigma Nu uses Affinity’s “Connection Package”, which combines:

  • Database management
  • Strategic message development
  • Robust website
  • 12 monthly e-letters
  • 2 printed newsletters
  • 3 annual appeal letters
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting


When our fraternity alumni started a major house renovation project at Georgia Tech, thanks to a consistent annual giving program with Affinity Connection, we raised nearly $4 million from our alumni who felt a strong emotional connection to our group.

Gary Jones, Alumni Board President
Gamma Alpha of Sigma Nu Georgia Tech


With Increased Communications, Sorority Sees Donor Growth of 80%

Alpha Chi Omega at UC Berkeley has worked with Affinity Connection for several years, keeping in touch with their donors and maintaining relationships. In 2014, Affinity helped them conduct a survey to gather alumnae feedback and better understand their donor's perspectives. Armed with this information, Affinity tailored communications to speak directly to their members. Then, we increased the frequency of their communications using Affinity’s “Connection” package. In addition to 12 monthly eLetters, this package includes two print newsletters and three appeal letters.

Since 2012 the number of donors to Alpha Chi Omega has increased by 80%! With Alpha Chi Omega's final 2014 appeal of the year still in transit to donors, they are confident this number will increase even more.

Affinity’s “Connection” package provided Alpha Chi Omega with a proven system of keeping in touch with donors, and most importantly, communicating with them beyond asking for a donation.

Of course we hoped that by increasing communications our donors would grow, but the results really surprised us. People love to hear what we’re doing and how their donations are being used. For many who weren’t sure about donating in the past, now they feel really good about it.

Alumnae Board President

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