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CEO Greg Woodman is driven to creating deeper meaningful connections between individuals and the organizations they care about by providing Affinity Connection clients a return on their investment, through data-driven, results based "friend-raising" programs.  

In the year 2000, Woodman led a team that bought Stewart Howe Alumni Association founded in 1972 and renamed the company Affinity Connection. Woodman has used his direct marketing experience to transform a niche fraternity alumni newsletter business, into a technology-enabled fundraising powerhouse serving myriad organizations. Over the last 16 years Affinity Connection’s direct marketing programs have reached millions of individuals encouraging them to stay connected with and financially support their alumni interest group, community Fire Company, local library, county food bank, or faith-based charity.

“I believed that there would be a return to community and a renewed interest in affinity groups.”

- Greg Woodman, Affinity Connection Founder

Woodman established Affinity Connection after serving as an award-winning Marketing VP with AIRWALK Footwear. At AIRWALK, utilizing direct marketing skills, Woodman took the footwear industry by surprise when he increased AIRWALK revenue from $14 to $200 million in five years, placing AIRWALK sneakers in most footwear storefronts in the U.S. and around the world. The marketing exploit, featured in The Tipping Point, Forbes and numerous footwear industry publications, also put AIRWALK shoes and snowboard boots on teen’s feet around the globe, garnering AIRWALK numerous awards for industry innovation and to the ultimate sale of the brand in 1999.

A prolific publisher and serial entrepreneur, Woodman has founded numerous publications and promotional platforms, including Pennsylvania Business Central, Happy Valley Promotions, www.HappyValley.com, Blue White Illustrated, Experience HappyValley, and a number of football annuals for Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State and Syracuse. He also developed the “Stand Up Joe Paterno”. Woodman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Penn State University where he serves as a lecturer on Entrepreneurial Leadership. 

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