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Integrated Marketing Audit Helps Realign Stakeholders Around Another 50 Years of Catholic Education

A few years ago Bishop Carroll lost two key funding sources, and its annual fund wasn’t enough to support the school’s mission. The board of trustees decided closing the school was not an option and made the courageous decision to partner with Affinity Connection. This decision was critical to changing the fate of this 50-year pillar in its community.

Affinity Connection’s integrated marketing audit revealed school leaders had lost touch with the viewpoints of alumni donors, corporate supporters, parents, grade school constituents, local parishioners and clergy.

Affinity helped Bishop Carroll develop a robust database and strategic communications plan that engaged every stakeholder group on a personal level with relevant content about how the school was fulfilling its mission and continuing to build a strong community of alumni and supporters.

Donations to the annual fund have doubled and donations from business supporters and the community have increased by a staggering 600%. This year Bishop Carroll is conducting a major gifts campaign feasibility study.

We partnered with Affinity Connection at a time when engaging more alumni and more people in our community was absolutely critical to our success. Our Affinity Connection team helped us start a dialogue with our donors to better understand their point of view, and to create communications that motivate giving. We’ve increased alumni participation and donation levels, and developed significantly more relationships with business and community supporters. As a result, we’re on the road to 50 more years of providing a Catholic high school education to all students and families interested in reaping its benefits. Our partnership with Affinity Connection has played a key role in getting us here.

Jerry Stephens, CEO and Class of 1970
Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

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