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Affinity Team

Greg Woodman

Focus: Leadership, strategy, business development

Affinity connections: Penn State University, Centre Region Entrepreneur Network, Boy Scouts, YMCA of Centre County

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Jodie Dello Stritto

Focus: Client service, program strategy, sales

Affinity connections: Bucknell University, Clearwater Conservancy, Centre Volunteers in Medicine, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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Natasha Schlaffer

Focus: Project Management, Strategic Content Development

Affinity Connections: Penn State School of Theatre, Penn State Presidential Leadership Academy, International Thespian Society

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Seth Foresman

Focus: Creating meaningful content for alumni interest groups

Affinity connections: High School Sports, Former Bands, Record Collectors

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Shelly Bordon

Focus: Direct client contact, support for all team members, development of operational strategies

Affinity connections: State College Area School District

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Emily O’Neill

Focus: Meaningful Content, Project Management, Effectiveness and Efficiency

Affinity connections: Penn State University

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Andy Schulz

Focus: Website development, web management, graphic design

Affinity connections: University of Pittsburgh, Art Institute of Philadelphia

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Melissa Brickell

Focus: Client Relations, Sales & Marketing

Affinity connections: Penn State Football, State College Spikes, Salvation Army, American Legion Riders

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Kimberly Fullam

Focus: Database administration, Web management and development

Affinity connections: State College Community Theater, Mifflinburg Hose Company, Girl Scouts of America

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Griffin Sullivan

Focus: Data Analytics

Affinity connections: Penn State University, Penn State College of IST

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Bill Brickley

Focus: Graphic design; creating attractive and well-organized presentations of all the communications our clients send to their members.

Affinity connections: Brooklyn, Oswego and Buffalo, NY; Penn State;  Nittany Road Riders Motorcycle Club

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Cole Harris

Focus: Content Curation

Affinity connections: Penn State University, Penn State School of Theatre, Boy Scouts of America, Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers

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Elijah Boyd-Plamondon

Focus: Content Creation, Curation, and Editing

Affinity connections: Penn State University

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Cara Aungst

Focus: Engaging Storytelling

Affinity connections: Mifflin County Community Church

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Holly Riddle

Focus: Creating engaging, effective content

Affinity connections: University of Kentucky

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Christen Bell

Focus: Producing High-Quality Content

Affinity Connections: Penn State University

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About Us

Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven fundraising, branding and marketing programs that grow donors for nonprofit and membership-based organizations and inbound leads and revenue for for-profit organizations and businesses.  Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and financial transactions streamline the donor and customer experiences, making every interaction personal and meaningful.

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