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Database Services

Accurate and secure data will keep you in touch with your donors and prospects

An up-to-date, accurate, database is key to building and maintaining relationships with donors and potential donors. Even the best letters and emails will fail if they are never delivered. Affinity hosts your data, analyzes it, “scrubs” it clean, and then continually updates it for you.

Hosting & Maintenance

Let Affinity host and manage your database using the industry standard software, Donor Perfect. Donor updates and corrections are easy to maintain by mail, email or phone.

List Purchase

Affinity will help research your organizational needs to provide effective lists based on geographic, demographic and past giving information

E-mail Acquisition Program

Secure valid e-mail addresses for member-based organizations through known members

Analytical Reports

Database hosting includes two of the following standard reports per month:

  • Full Database (statuses and contact information)
  • Gift Listing (Up to 5 year history)
  • Client or Donor Contacts
  • Current Year Honor Roll
  • Donors (Up to 5 year history)
  • Multi-Year Trend Analysis

Plus: 1 Yearly crosscheck of new members or donors from last 5 years; Additional reporting available upon request

About Us

Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven fundraising, branding and marketing programs that grow donors for nonprofit and membership-based organizations and inbound leads and revenue for for-profit organizations and businesses.  Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and financial transactions streamline the donor and customer experiences, making every interaction personal and meaningful.

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