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Online Marketing

Your website is the hub of your online marketing. Build it for fundraising success.

Turn your online marketing into a fundraising powerhouse with Affinity’s websites, email marketing and social media services. Collect user content, keep databases accurate, and most importantly, drive people to your website to make a donation.

Website Setup

  • Joomla platform
  • Site map creation
  • Content collection and creation
  • Assembly of necessary plug-ins (payment processing/email marketing)
  • Data Interface

Website Features

  • Secure online donations
  • Event registration, payment processing and activities sign-up
  • Address/email update submissions
  • Administrator access for staff to upload content or generate reports
  • Monthly e-mail distributed from website by your Affinity managing editor

Content Management

  • Weekly updates to the Annual Fund Honor Roll of Donors
  • Monthly updates to main home page sections (feeds e-letter)
  • Writing, packaging and posting content as secured by content team

E-mail Marketing

  • Drives donors back to site to learn about your organization and events and to donate
  • Personalized to each recipient
  • Via requests, generates future content, such as photos and donor news

Social Media

Affinity will help you setup, populate and integrate all your online media, increasing traffic to your website, and ultimately, increasing donations.

About Us

Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven "friend-raising" programs that grow donors and donations for nonprofit and membership-based organizations. Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and giving streamline the donor experience, making every interaction personal and meaningful. 

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