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Relationship Management

Know your audience intimately and speak directly to them

Affinity’s audit process arms you with powerful information about your audience. Know their perceptions, expectations and donation/purchase history to personalize communications that speak directly to them.

Stakeholder Audit

Stakeholders include donors, members, volunteers, business partners and any other group with a vested interest in your organization’s success. Our research-based stakeholder survey creates a dialogue with your stakeholder community and identifies gaps or inconsistencies in perceptions of your organization. Through our proven audit we learn the expectations of your donors, volunteers and members. Additionally, interviews yield volumes of content for use in your communications program. We recommend all clients begin with either a Stakeholder Audit or an integrated marketing audit.


Integrated Marketing Audit

The integrated marketing audit is comprised of the stakeholder audit, plus the following deliverables:

  • Database analysis and comprehensive report
  • Assessment of previous 12-month’s marketing materials
  • Case statement development
  • New 12-month marketing plan

Strategic, Variable Messaging

Strategic, variable messaging increases fundraising results. Once we understand the perspective of your key stakeholders and donors, we create customized messaging for each. Our fundraising appeals are variable, based on each donor’s unique circumstance and history of giving.


Surveys (8 Questions)—Donors, Members, Volunteers

After your program is up and running, we periodically conduct mini-surveys (8 questions) to obtain feedback from key stakeholders on issues and events. This helps to continually refine your messaging and communications approach.


About Us

Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven fundraising, branding and marketing programs that grow donors for nonprofit and membership-based organizations and inbound leads and revenue for for-profit organizations and businesses.  Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and financial transactions streamline the donor and customer experiences, making every interaction personal and meaningful.

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